Dangers of Penile Enhancement Surgery

Dangers of Penile Enhancement Surgery

Penile enhancement surgery is performed with the aim of increasing your penis size, girth and rigidity during erection. However, this surgery comes with its own dangers including: reabsorbing of fats by the body, infection, inadequate blood flow, erectile dysfunction, dog ears and distortion of erection angle.

Reabsorbing fats

Fats can be extracted from your abdomen area and implanted into the penis. Unfortunately, at times this procedure can be ineffective as your body can reabsorb fats; your penis may then change to an unpleasant shape, and maybe deformed in extreme cases.


A penis has so many blood vessels which require use of sterilized tools during operation, and utmost concentration to avoid unnecessary infections. Infections can really be detrimental to the future performance of a penis during intercourse. Your choice of the medical facility and personnel to perform the surgery is undoubtedly invaluable.

Inadequate blood flow

Penile enhancement does not necessarily mean your blood supply to the penis will increase—this may result in sloughing and development of an ulcer on the areas of the skin which doesn’t experience enough blood circulation.

Erectile dysfunction

A surgical procedure will not always lead to the intended outcome; they may be caused by errors or negligence during the surgical process. Instead of the  prolonged erections but rather short and soft disappointing erections!

Blood loss

The penis is composed of tiny blood vessels called capillaries—their size makes them vulnerable to being cut and it going unnoticed. If you have blood clot challenges, you may lose a lot of blood during this process and might even need a blood transfusion.

Dog ears

Dog ears are typically side effects of surgery—the scars caused by surgery. This makes your penis look ugly and may make you uncomfortable with it.

Distortion of erection angle

An enhanced penis usually creates challenges during sex—it often needs you to support it during penetration and maintain a certain angle. This can create discomfort as only certain sex positions are possible. In addition, the shape of the penis might change which requires the patient to undergo a new learning experience on matters of intercourse.

Penile enhancement isn’t advisable unless it is really necessary; if you really experience difficulty in performing sex or satisfying your partner then you might consider the surgery but it should be a last resort. However, undertaking this process itself is a risk as it might create more problems. Undoubtedly, penile enhancement should be your very last resort for dealing with erectile dysfunction, due its really detrimental risk.


After reading about all the risks associated with penis enlargement surgery, it becomes obvious that the risks simply outweigh the benefits, especially when effective devices such as the Phallosan Extender are available. That being said, extenders are known to be more effective at increasing length but less so at increasing girth. If having a thicker or wider penis is what you’re looking for, a water pump like the Bathmate Hydromax, or any other of the other models offered by Bathmate, are the way to go. Not only foes it work but workout sessions last only 15 minutes and results can be seen after the very first use.